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  • 800 plays $15
  • 2,000 plays $25
  • 300 followers $15
  • 600 followers $25
  • 50 comments $15

Get mixcloud plays, followers and comments

Mixcloud is growing rapidly and becoming an authoritative source in the music industry for Artists, DJs and Producers. Here at Friendrise we can increase your followers, track plays and even get you comments.

We don't need your password and as soon as you place your order we will get started on promoting your track or profile, it's really simple. Use Friendrise to become noticed on mixcloud and get more mixcloud plays and even mixcloud comments.

We are a specialized service that gets you real plays on Mixcloud so that you can promote your products and services or simply gain more exposure to people who are actually interested in what you do. You have no risk of getting banned or suspended, we carefully handle every account and have a long list of happy customers who have used our mixcloud services! Get mixcloud plays and followers today with Friendrise.

Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively. Mixcloud is re-thinking radio by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. They refer to them as Cloudcasts - audio shows that are stored in the "cloud" and available to be streamed on-demand. Friendrise can even help you get mixcloud comments, and make you become and look more popular on the site, and our prices are very reasonable, just $15 for 800 plays or 300 followers!

About Friendrise

We are a collection of social media and SEO professionals that have been working in the industry for over 15 years collectively. We’re extremely knowledgeable about our craft, and take being on the cutting edge of advancements in social media to heart.

It’s what we do, it’s what we’re passionate about.

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Friendrise offers a community you can join to grow your social network even more. It offers the following services: Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Youtube and Vimeo views and Website traffic. If your not a member sign up takes only 30 seconds, try us out!


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